Merit’s Solo Shadows: Eyeshadow for Minimalists

September 29, 2023

2023 is the year of the minimalists. Decluttering is the latest trend. Our homes, routines, clothing, makeup. Less is more. Although my closet is quite a ways from being decluttered, my beauty routine has vastly minimized. There are a few brands that I use on the regular, but I owe all my beauty growth to one brand: Merit Beauty.

I’ve used every product from the Merit line. If you check out my TikTok, you’ll see how obsessed I am. As satisfied as I’ve been with my routine, there have been a couple of products I’ve been hoping would be introduced in the brand’s line. Recently, the makeup gods answered one of my prayers.

The Solo Shadow

merit beauty solo shadow
Merit Beauty Solo Shadow ‘Vachetta’ and the dual-ended Brush No. 2

I honestly could not be more happy with these shadows. For now I have the two shades Midcentury and Vachetta (pictured above). As you can see from the pots and my No. 2 brush, I use them constantly. They are well loved. Let’s dive into the details.

About the Solo Shadows

The formula is cream-to-powder, very buildable, and leaves a soft-matte finish. From my experience the last few weeks, they do dry down fairly quickly so I have to work one eye at a time. These shadows are so comfortable to use and very forgiving, whether using a finger or the brush. I’ve not noticed any creasing, even in this insanely hot weather in northeast Tennessee and it lasts on me all day long.

Eight shades were released. Four neutrals and four statement colors.

The Neutrals:

  • Studio – cool taupe
  • Vachetta – warm beige
  • Midcentury – warm brown
  • Brun – deep brown

The Statements:

  • Social – soft mauve
  • Viper – warm green
  • Nelson – soft gray
  • Midnight – classic navy

Merit Beauty is known for the clean ingredients and products packed with skincare, the Solo Shadows are no exclusion. Some ingredients you’ll find in the shadows are sunflower seed oil for nourishment, peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and chamomile extract for soothing.

I have very sensitive eyes. So when I use eye products I always risk irritation, even with brands that claim to be clean. Not once have I had an issue with irritation, itching, or watery eyes since using Merit’s shadows or mascara. That’s a game changer for me.

merit beauty solo shadow in shade vachetta

Minimalist Mom Approved

I’m a mom on the go. Always busy and always doing something for someone other than myself. So it’s important to me to be able to wear beautiful quality makeup that I can quickly apply and not worry about whether it’ll hold up during my long days with the kids. This makeup brand is exactly that. Easy to apply, looks gorgeous, and makes me feel so good.

Merit Beauty Solo Shadows are a must try.


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